Bumper Plate Price Guide

For those looking to set up their own home gym for CrossFit or power lifting, bumper plates are probably the first thing on your list to get. For most, competition level plates are too expensive for a home gym so standard/economy plates are the way to go. Here is a quick price comparison of some of the entry level bumper plates currently on the market. These have been ranked in order of price. For the purpose of this price comparison, I’ll be comparing the price of one 20kg bumper plate as a standard.

To get more info about a particular brand, click on the picture to go the store’s website.

1. Standard Bumper Plate by IronEdge$75.00 (normally $105.00)

IronEdge Standard Bumper Plate

2. Coloured Bumper Plate by NC Fitness$84.00

NC Fitness Coloured Bumper

3. Black Rubber Bumper Plate by Whitelabel Fitness$85.80

Whitelabel Fitness Black Rubber Bumper Plate

4. SPS Black/Coloured Bumper Plate by SPS Gear$90.00 

SPS Bumper Plate (also comes in black)

5. Coloured Rubber Bumper Plate by Whitelabel Fitness$91.30

Whitelabel Fitness Coloured Rubber Bumper Plate

6. AF Bumper Plate by Again Faster$94.50

AF Bumper Plates

7. Olympic Bumper Black by Renouf Fitness Equipment$99.00

Renouf Black Bumper Plate

8. Econ V2 by Pendlay (MuscleDriver AU)$100.00

Econ V2 Pendlay Bumper Plate

Note: Pendlays are also sold at Gym and Fitness and BeFit (SA)

9. Black Series Bumper Plate by IronEdge$110.00

IronEdge Black Series

10. Olympic Bumper Coloured by Renouf Fitness Equipment$119.00

Renouf Coloured Bumper Plate

11. AF Hitemp by Again Faster$137.50

AF BP 25kg
Again Faster HiTemp Bumper Plates

12. G2 Black Bumper Plate by Garage Gym (Aussie Strength) – $150

G2 Bumper Plate (AussieStrength)

Hope this helps you in your search for bumper plates.




FitGear – The Gym Gear Guide takes no responsibility for the accuracy of these prices. These are the prices as of the 12 June 2014 and are subject to change at the retailer’s discretion. The information provided here is as a guide only. For up-to-date prices, please visit the retailer specified.